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Rats 2 Riches, the rowdy racket coming back with a ravishing refresh!
A sneak peek of the Rats 2 Riches board and gameplay.

This rowdy racket is coming back with a ravishing refresh!

Revamped Income system - each rat's Cheese income can grow or shrink depending on their strategy

Revamped Pipe system - play the Pipe Piper to change the price of Pipes!

LOADS of new content - new exciting Red and Purple cards (~50% new/changed!), new figurines and updated components!

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Cesspit Chieftain, Rats 2 Riches
Investment Ingenieur, Rats 2 Riches

How we, quite literally, went from rats to riches

Learn the rules of Rats to Riches in 5 minutes!

More Questions? Ask them on our Discord channel!

Sewer Superintendent, Rats 2 Riches
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